Hiran Lanna

  • Intelligence
16 Sep 2019, 21:30

Hiran Lanna – ‘Hiran’ means silver, gold, or items of value. ‘Lanna’ was an ancient kingdom within the territory of modern Chiang Mai. ‘Hiran Lanna’ together then, means a city of treasure. Lanna had a mixture of influences from Burma, China, Laos, and their different local tribes. The designer had gathered all the information and insights of Lanna — delving into the philosophy and origin of the city. She picked up ancient heritage patterns expressed on the jewelry. The main shape that is used in her designs are squares, linking to how Chiang Mai’s urban design was in the shape of a square. The collection presents a new image of Chiang Mai’s repoussé technique– mixed between Thai patterns and modern mathematical patterns.

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