Steps to invest in gold

  • Intelligence
30 Jun 2019, 13:51

Step 1: Analyze yourself in terms of both the risk you’re willing to accept and how much you will invest. The information will be used in choosing the investment option that fits in with your investment management plan (Money Management).

Step 2: Study about gold investment. Start from the basic factors, such as the volatility of the US Dollar and the Euro; the monetary policies of the Federal Reserve System (FRS) and the European Central Bank (ECB); geopolitical factors; the volatility of risk assets including the demand-supply chain; followed by researching about technical factors which will help determine the purchase and selling point in the investment.

Step 3: Choose a company and open a trading account. The chosen company should possess experience, expertise, be trustworthy, and have carefully studied conditions and investment requirements in order to protect the interests of the investor themselves.

Step 4: Evaluate. It may take every six months to a year before the investment will reach is in accordance with its stated investment target. If it does not meet the target, the cause of error needs to be found in order to adjust the investor’s investment portfolio for the future.

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